Passing on #GoodNews: Walking in the woods

I was out this afternoon walking my friends dogs on the way to Cissbury Ring and I noticed a red piece of paper out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up and read the words that said “This is your story. You are the writer. You get to decide what happens next, what your hero deserves, where they’ll go to, what they’ll learn and who and what they’ll love. You do have a choice, Always project to the world what you need. Life in mirrors. Let the Universe know”

I found several of these notes and was so happy to have found them, I will scatter them somewhere else for others to find.

What a beautiful idea. 

Thank you to whoever wrote them


#GoodNews this week…

There are many brilliant people who always share #GoodNews and their positivity with the people they love, friends, strangers, followers, and co, and this week has been no exception. Many of you will know that this blog only came to life on Sunday evening so it’s very skimpy and a little wobbly on its feet but already lots of wonderful people have jumped on board and are getting ready to share bigger forms of #GoodNews through posts, stories, poems, photography, and art so it will grow into something brighter and more beautiful very, very soon. So if you, or if anyone you know, might be interested in contributing, please do get in touch!

In the meantime here is some #GoodNews from the last few days:

Baby Sam is out of hospital! @ladyjazmana

The first edition of What the Dickens? literary e-zine is being prepared and will be available 1st December.. @writersgifts

@Doonakebab is back from her hols and has a fantastic array of new shoes! 

Tell people about your #GoodNews in different ways, every day. Let us know how you generate #GoodNews!

Dear Tuesday. Because Tuesdays matter too...

Dear Tuesday is a great blog full of inspiring, funny, touching, and moving posts that say thank you or reflect on special Tuesday moments…. Follow @dear_tuesday Twitter
About Dear Tuesday: 
This little day every week can pass us by.  Many of us are dreaming of the weekend that we just had and looking forward to the weekend that is to come. This day though, is special in it’s own right. Each one of us sees this day differently, just like any other day in our lives. There could be a little thought that sticks in your mind from the moment you wake up, or you could be inspired by something you read. There will be days when you are on top of the world, and others where you just feel like you want to crawl back under the duvet.

So join us in this adventure as each we delve into the lives of different individuals who let us in to a little part of their lives.

PS: if you don’t already, you should follow this amazing project it was a lot of inspiration for us!

One way of sharing #GoodNews… 

One way of sharing #GoodNews… 

Share #GoodNews in any way that you can, with whoever you can, whenever you can. 
A Good News message created with pebbles and #UppityUp tags in a small coastal town.

Share #GoodNews in any way that you can, with whoever you can, whenever you can. 

A Good News message created with pebbles and #UppityUp tags in a small coastal town.